Wedding Present - Seamonsters (30th Anniversary 2LP plus bonus tracks CD)

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Out 28th May

  1. dalliance
  2. dare
  3. suck
  4. blonde
  5. rotterdam
  6. lovenest
  7. corduroy
  8. carolyn
  9. heather
  10. octopussy
  11. make me smile (come up and see me)
  12. crawl
  13. corduroy (single version)
  14. she’s my best friend
  15. niagra
  16. mothers
  17. dan dare
  18. fleshword
  19. dalliance (peel session)
  20. heather (peel session)
  21. blonde (peel session)
  22. niagra (peel session)

30th anniversary edition of seamonsters - the third studio album by british rock band the wedding present.

recorded in 10 days in america, seamonsters has a rougher, harsher overall sound than the group's earlier albums owing to producer steve albini working with the band. the 2lp package includes the studio album alongside the dalliance, 3 songs and lovenest eps. rounding out the music on the release are a set of live bbc peel sessions recordings.