Various - Back To The Future Soundtrack (2021 black vinyl reissue)

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Out 9th April

released in 1985, back to the future has been a staple for fans of classic 80s movies.

travel back in time with the iconic soundtrack with songs like “earth angel,” “johnny b. goode,” and huey lewis & the news’ “the power of love.

  1. “the power of love” - huey lewis & the news (side a)
  2. “time bomb town” - lindsey buckingham (side a)
  3. “back to the future” - the outatime orchestra (side a)
  4. “heaven is one step away” - eric clapton (side a)
  5. “back in time” - huey lewis & the news (side a)
  6. “back to the future overture” - the outatime orchestra (side b)
  7. “the wallflower (dance with me henry)” - etta james, richard berry (side b)
  8. “night train” - marvin berry & the starlighters (side b)
  9. “earth angel (will you be mine?)” - marvin berry & the starlighters (side b)
  10. “johnny b. goode” - marty mcfly & the starlighters (side b)