Various Artists - Now Yearbook 1982 (limited translucent yellow 3lp)

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Out 4th Feb.

3 lps of 44 defining tracks that ruled the charts in 1982.

featuring number 1s, including ‰Û÷eye of the tiger‰۪ (survivor), ‰Û÷ebony and ivory‰۪ (paul mccartney), ‰Û÷town called malice‰۪ (the jam), and 1982‰۪s biggest seller ‰Û÷come on eileen‰۪ from dexys midnight runners. 1982 saw the first huge hits from a wealth of new artists including culture club, wham! and tears for fears, as well as an incredible line-up from artists who had established their chart presence in the prior 18 months and would produce some of the greatest tracks of the decade; duran duran, spandau ballet, abc, haircut 100, soft cell, the human league, and a newly solo adam ant. ‰Û÷fame‰۪ was the tv phenomenon of the year, and irene cara‰۪s theme from the original 1980 film enjoyed massive success. as abba released their last singles for nearly 40 years, pure-pop from bucks fizz, blondie, and madness is celebrated alongside synth-pop gems from new order, simple minds, visage and japan. leading artists from the punk scene enjoyed continued and renewed success, including the stranglers, the clash and pretenders, whilst foreigner, meat loaf with cher, and steve miller band provided radio-favourite rock and power ballads. 1982 saw a huge chart presence for dance music ‰ÛÒ from the hi-nrg of boys town gang, to the electro-infused beats of malcolm mclaren, and rockers revenge, the 1980‰۪s disco of shalamar, alongside soul classics from marvin gaye and donna summer‰Û_ plus stellar ballads from elton john, lionel richie, and roxy music.


lp 1

side a

wham! ‰ÛÒ young guns (go for it!)

adam ant ‰ÛÒ goody two shoes

abc ‰ÛÒ the look of love ‰ÛÒ pt. 1

spandau ballet ‰ÛÒ instinction

haircut 100 ‰ÛÒ love plus one

culture club ‰ÛÒ do you really want to hurt me

duran duran ‰ÛÒ save a prayer

side b

paul mccartney ‰ÛÒ ebony and ivory

elton john ‰ÛÒ blue eyes

lionel richie ‰ÛÒ truly

marvin gaye ‰ÛÒ sexual healing

bucks fizz ‰ÛÒ my camera never lies

blondie ‰ÛÒ island of lost souls

madness ‰ÛÒ our house

dexys midnight runners ‰ÛÒ come on eileen

lp 2

side a

tears for fears ‰ÛÒ mad world

the human league ‰ÛÒ mirror man

visage ‰ÛÒ the damned don‰۪t cry

simple minds ‰ÛÒ promised you a miracle

ultravox ‰ÛÒ reap the wild wind

orchestral manoeuvres in the dark ‰ÛÒ maid of orleans (the waltz joan of arc)

soft cell ‰ÛÒ say hello, wave goodbye

side b

survivor ‰ÛÒ eye of the tiger

meat loaf with cher ‰ÛÒ dead ringer for love

pretenders ‰ÛÒ back on the chain gang

steve miller band ‰ÛÒ abracadabra

christopher cross ‰ÛÒ arthur‰۪s theme (best that you can do)

foreigner ‰ÛÒ waiting for a girl like you

roxy music ‰ÛÒ avalon

lp 3

side a

abba ‰ÛÒ the day before you came

donna summer ‰ÛÒ state of independence

shalamar ‰ÛÒ a night to remember

irene cara ‰ÛÒ fame

boys town gang ‰ÛÒ can‰۪t take my eyes off you

rockers revenge feat. donnie calvin ‰ÛÒ walking on sunshine

malcolm mclaren, the world‰۪s famous supreme team ‰ÛÒ buffalo gals

side b

the jam ‰ÛÒ town called malice

the clash ‰ÛÒ rock the casbah

bow wow wow ‰ÛÒ go wild in the country

new order ‰ÛÒ temptation

the associates ‰ÛÒ party fears two

the stranglers ‰ÛÒ golden brown

japan ‰ÛÒ ghosts

clannad ‰ÛÒ theme from harry‰۪s game