Various Artists - Now Yearbook 1979 (3LP orange vinyl)

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celebrating a truly spectacular year of chart magic.

kicking off with one of queen’s most popular songs ‘don’t stop me now’, lp1 includes #1s from the police (‘walking on the moon’) and the defining ‘heart of glass’ from blondie, as well as timeless hits from abba, kate bush, olivia newton-john and closing side a with the beautiful ‘song for guy’ by elton john. ‘hot stuff’ by donna summer features on side b alongside massive disco-floor-fillers from chic, sister sledge, and amii stewart plus two further iconic #1s from gloria gaynor with ‘i will survive’ and ‘ymca’ from village people. lp2 side a showcases an astonishing run of new wave and post-punk hits leading with #1s from ian dury & the blockheads (‘hit me with your rhythm stick’) and the boomtown rats (‘i don’t like mondays’), and featuring squeeze, elvis costello & the attractions, siouxsie and the banshees, the clash and sex pistols, before three ska/pop crossover hits from the specials, the selecter and ‘one step beyond’ from madness. flipping to side b, classic rock from meat loaf and electric light orchestra is joined by timeless hits from billy joel, gerry rafferty, dave edmunds and the debut ‘stop your sobbing’ by pretenders. lp3 is all about pop gold – starting with abba’s ‘chiquitita’ and including ‘we don’t talk anymore’ – #1 for cliff richard, along with the year’s biggest-selling single, ‘bright eyes’ by art garfunkel, plus neil diamond, roxy music, and the winner of 1979’s eurovision song contest – the top 5 hit ‘hallelujah’ from milk & honey. concluding the set, side b features wings, earth, wind & fire, and opens with the superb ‘street life’ from the crusaders. the unforgettable chart debut for the b-52’s with the iconic ‘rock lobster’ is included and the side concludes with four synth-pop smashes that pointed the way to the upcoming decade – ‘money’ by the flying lizards, ‘pop muzik’ from m, and two further #1s from 1979: ‘cars’ – one of two chart-toppers for gary numan in 1979 – and closing with ‘video killed the radio star’ by the buggles. this track was co-written, produced and performed by trevor horn whose work would define the pop landscape over the next few years, whilst the song would be the first to be played on mtv in the us when it launched in 1981. now – yearbook 1979 – a celebration of the diversity of the charts, and the creative brilliance of the year in pop.

  1. queen - don't stop me now
  2. the police – walking on the moon
  3. blondie - heart of glass
  4. abba - gimme! gimme! gimme! (a man after midnight)
  5. olivia newton-john – a little more love
  6. kate bush – wow
  7. elton john - song for guy
  8. donna summer - hot stuff
  9. chic - good times
  10. sister sledge – he’s the greatest dancer
  11. amii stewart - knock on wood
  12. gloria gaynor - i will survive
  13. village people – ymca
  14. mcfadden & whitehead - ain't no stoppin' us now
  15. commodores - still
  16. ian dury & the blockheads - hit me with your rhythm stick
  17. the boomtown rats - i don't like mondays
  18. elvis costello & the attractions - accidents will happen
  19. sex pistols – something else
  20. the clash – i fought the law
  21. siouxsie and the banshees - the staircase (mystery)
  22. squeeze - cool for cats
  23. the specials - gangsters
  24. the selecter - on my radio
  25. madness - one step beyond
  26. meat loaf - bat out of hell
  27. electric light orchestra - shine a little love
  28. blondie – dreaming
  29. pretenders – stop your sobbing
  30. dave edmunds – girls talk
  31. gerry rafferty - night owl
  32. billy joel - my life
  33. gary moore & phil lynott - parisienne walkways
  34. abba – chiquitita
  35. art garfunkel – bright eyes
  36. roxy music - dance away
  37. neil diamond - forever in blue jeans
  38. cliff richard - we don't talk anymore
  39. milk & honey – hallelujah
  40. sad café – every day hurts
  41. the crusaders - street life
  42. earth, wind & fire – september
  43. wings - goodnight tonight
  44. the b-52's - rock lobster
  45. the flying lizards - money
  46. m - pop muzik
  47. gary numan – cars
  48. the buggles - video killed the radio star