Various Artists - It's A Cool, Cool Christmas (2LP red vinyl)

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Out 26th November

this collection of songs is the definitive indie christmas album and includes contributions from a broad spectrum of indie giants, with songs ranging from traditional standards to originals written specially for this collection.

this compilation contains both ballads and songs to pogo around the christmas tree to in equal measure and coincidentally is a compilation of twenty-one songs re-released after twenty-one years.

the highlights are low‰۪s much-loved ‰Û÷just like christmas‰۪, the flaming lips and their ‰Û÷white christmas (demo for tom waits)‰۪, the grandaddy track which is both wistful and amusing and eels‰۪ ‰Û÷everything‰۪s gonna be cool this christmas‰۪. in fact there is not a second-rate filler on this album and there‰۪s even a track from lauren laverne recorded before she became a famous dj.

the original intention of creating this album was to raise money for a worthy charity. war child is an amazing organisation that protects, educates and helps children get over the terrible traumas they‰۪ve suffered from war. the work done in their programmes has alife-saving impact on children and their families in some of the most dangerous places on earth.

  1. grandaddy - alan parsons in a winter wonderland
  2. the dandy warhols - little drummer boy
  3. the webb brothers - every day is christmas
  4. eels - everything‰۪s gonna be cool this christmas
  5. el vez - feliz navi-nada
  6. morgan - christmas in waikiki
  7. drugstore - maybe at christmas time
  8. belle and sebastian - o come, o come emmanuel
  9. giant sand - thank you dreaded black ice, thank you
  10. the flaming lips - white christmas (demo for tom waits)
  11. saint etienne - my christmas prayer
  12. departure lounge - christmas downer
  13. six by seven - i believe in father christmas
  14. snow patrol - when i get home for christmas
  15. titan - spiritual guidance
  16. big boss man - christmas boogaloo
  17. teenage fanclub - christmas eve
  18. calexico - gift x-change
  19. gorky‰۪s zygotic mynci - hwiangerdd mair
  20. low - just like christmas
  21. lauren laverne - in the bleak midwinter