Various Artists - Gary Crowley's Lost 80's 2 (2LP limited clear vinyl)

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Out 23rd July

“i count myself incredibly lucky when i think back to my 1980 ’s; a lot of those bands and artists that resonated with me during that time are featured on this, our sequel to our first lost 80 s collection, which we have inspiringly titled “gc lost 80 s two”.

"i must be honest and say as soon as i delivered the track listing for the first compilation, i already had a selection in mind for a sequel (if ever i was asked by those cool folks at demon) thankfully, they asked and this is it gary crowley 21 tracks compiled and themed by gary crowley side by side many of these tracks are rare and hard to find, the better known artists appearing represented by some of their lesser known (‘ tracks presented on 2 x 180 g clear heavyweight vinyl, i ncludes an introduction and track by track notes by gary crowley, plus memories of the era from mick talbot (the style council and more “expect a selection of not only the bigger names with some of their ‘ gems, but also a raft of lesser known artists many of the latter came nowhere near the mainstream but most certainly ( deserve another chance to shine under the spotlight it was such a diverse and eclectic time for music, hopefully this box set mirrors that gary crowley

side 1: a beat confection

1. the style council
mick’s up
2. working week
venceremos (we will win) [7”
3. pressure point
mellow moods
4. altered images
thinking about you
5. the friday club
window shopping
6. fine young cannibals
side 2: a rock and a dance place
1. the
higsons i don’t want to live with monkeys
2. the waitresses
i know what boys like
bananarama no feelings
4. ellen foley
5. nick heyward
when it started to begin
6. rico and the special aka
jungle music
lp two
side 1: ear and foot refreshment
1. kid creole and the coconuts ––latin music
2. funkapolitan––as the time goes by
3. b.e.f. featuring billy mackenzie––the secret life of arabia
4. the b--52’s –– legal tender
5. wide boy awake ––slang teacher
6. world’s famous supreme team – hey! dj [7” version]
side 2: the vinyl curtain
1. general public --tenderness [special dance mix]
2. colourbox featuring lorita grahame baby i love you so [12” version]
3. big audio dynamite ––medicine show [12” remix]