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Out 7th May 

  1. latest record project
  2. where have all the rebels gone?
  3. psychoanalysts' ball
  4. no good deed goes unpunished
  5. tried to do the right thing
  6. the long con
  7. thank god for the blues
  8. big lie
  9. a few bars early
  10. it hurts me too
  11. only a song
  12. diabolic pressure
  13. deadbeat saturday night
  14. blue funk
  15. double agent
  16. double bind
  17. love should come with a warning
  18. breaking the spell
  19. up county down
  20. duper's delight
  21. my time after a while
  22. he's not the kingpin
  23. mistaken identity
  24. stop bitching, do something
  25. western man
  26. they own the media
  27. why are you on facebook?
  28. jealousy

an morrison will release ‘latest record project: volume 1’ on may 7th on exile/bmg.

his 42nd record and his most dynamic and contemporary album in years, ‘latest record project: volume 1’ is a 28-track delve into his ongoing love of blues, r&b, jazz and soul.