UB40 - Collected (2LP Greatest Hits)

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  1. tyler
  2. burden of shame
  3. i think it’s going to rain today
  4. food for thought
  5. don’t do the crime
  6. one in ten
  7. sardonicus
  8. please don’t make me cry
  9. cherry oh baby
  10. red red wine
  11. if it happens again
  12. don’t slow down
  13. i got you babe (ft. chrissie hynde)
  14. don’t break my heart
  15. sing our own song
  16. rat in mi kitchen
  17. all i want to do
  18. maybe tomorrow
  19. reckless (ft. afrika bambaataa and family)
  20. breakfast in bed (ft. chrissie hynde)
  21. homely girl
  22. kingston town
  23. robert palmer ft. ub40 - i’ll be your baby tonight
  24. tears from my eyes
  25. here i am (come and take me)
  26. (i can’t help) falling in love with you