Toyah - Mesmerised - Rarities & Remixes (vanilla vinyl) BUY 12/6

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compiled on vinyl for the first time, side 1 starts with toyah's collaboration with tony banks of genesis, then features the mike hedges produced 'desire' album's b sides and an outtake, plus the surf mix of "echo beach".

side 2 features phil nicholas produced rarities and remixes, all on vinyl for the very first time, including the "weybridge mix" of "it's a mystery".

  1. lion of symmetry
  2. plenty
  3. sun up
  4. re-entry into dance
  5. mesmerised
  6. echo beach [surf mix]
  7. tears for ellie [demo]
  8. god ceases to dream [remix]
  9. poland (one day on earth) [demo]
  10. now i'm running [remix]
  11. it's a mystery [weybridge mix]