Stray Cats - Rocked This Town. From LA To London ( 2LP limited blue vinyl)

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Out 11th September.

  1. cat fight (over a dog like me) [live]
  2. runaway boys (live)
  3. too hip, gotta go (live)
  4. double talkin' baby (live)
  5. three time's a charm (live)
  6. stray cat strut (live)
  7. mean pickin' mama (live)
  8. gene & eddie (live)
  9. cry baby (live)
  10. i won't stand in your way (live)
  11. cannonball rag (live)
  12. misirlou (live)
  13. when nothing's going right (live)
  14. (she's) sexy + 17 [live]
  15. bring it back again (live)
  16. blast off (live)
  17. lust 'n' love (live)
  18. fishnet stockings (live)
  19. rock this town (live)
  20. rock it off (live)
  21. built for speed (live)
  22. rumble in brighton (live)

the iconic american rock 'n roll trio the stray cats will release their new live album "rocked this town: from la to london" on september 11, 2020 via surfdog records.

brian setzer, lee rocker, and slim jim phantom reunited in 2019 to celebrate their 40th anniversary, released their first new studio album in 26 years called “40,” and toured europe & america, celebrating 40 years of timeless rock 'n roll and rockabilly. "rocked this town: from la to london" was recorded from the critically acclaimed 40th anniversary tour. you won’t believe this much rock ‘n’ roll fire is coming from 3 guys, all raw and completely live the way it was played on sweaty stages around the world! the album features the stray cats classics, "stray cat strut," "rock this town," "fishnet stockings," "rumble in brighton" and "runaway boys," as well as several brand-new scorchers from the "40" album