Sinead O'Connor - So Far... The Best Of (limited clear 2lp)

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Out 15th October

this luxury set brings together the highlights of sinead o'connor's four albums available via chrysalis records.

originally released in 1997, it features the number 1 worldwide hit “nothing compares 2 u”, as well as her early singles “troy” and “mandinka”. this record showcases sinead’s enormous talent and fearless uncompromising style. available on vinyl for the first time. the album is presented in a 5mm sleeve and includes the tracks “success has made a failure of our home”, as well as “heroine” and “just like u said it would b” which were previously only available on the us version.

  1. nothing compares 2 u
  2. mandinka
  3. the emperor’s new clothes
  4. thank you for hearing me
  5. the last day of our acquaintance
  6. fire on babylon
  7. troy
  8. i am stretched on your grave
  9. jackie
  10. success has made a failure of our home
  11. john i love you
  12. empire (bomb the bass featuring benjamin zephaniah and sinead o’connor)
  13. i want your (hands on me)
  14. heroine (theme from “captive”)
  15. don’t cry for me argentina
  16. you made me the thief of your heart
  17. just like u said it would b
  18. this is a rebel song