Sea Girls - Open Up Your Head (Limited indies blue LP)

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Out 14th August

  1. transplant
  2. all i want to hear you say
  3. do you really wanna know?
  4. lie to me
  5. call me out
  6. closer
  7. forever
  8. weight in gold
  9. ready for more
  10. violet
  11. shake
  12. damage done
  13. you over anyone
  14. moving on

after taking 2019 by the scruff of the neck and making it their own, as well as a blistering trajectory in 2020, sea girls have come out all guns blazing with the announcement of their emotionally charged, deeply personal, hook laden debut album open up your head - out august 14th on polydor.

featuring fourteen doses of memorable jagged guitar-pop brilliance, the lp was produced by larry hibbitt in london. with album open up your head, the band’s songwriting has elevated, with frontman henry camamile stepping into the spotlight as a genuine storyteller for his generation. the album is fit to burst with colourful melodies, guitar and synth hooks - an explosion of joyous indie rock held together to reflect camamile’s darker songwriting on topics such as a previous traumatic head injury, the anxiety that ensued, and resulting adolescent vices. in accessing those darkest and least comfortable parts of himself the record becomes one of hope. henry, rory, andrew and oli, the bastard sons of the killers & the strokes, have created a debut body of work, including songs from lead guitarist rory young, that are stunningly uplifting, ferociously reflective, delicately vulnerable, and most importantly - brutally honest. henry admits his and rory’s writing – and the bands performing – comes right from the heart. with storytelling being reminiscent of a young brandon flowers henry explains; “i don’t buy all the love and flowers stuff. real relationships fall apart, you get hurt and you have to deal with it so you do what you have to do to get over it. i think what has saved me is music.” sea girls, one of the most enthralling young indie guitar bands to have emerged in recent times, are a band aiming first and foremost at being the singalong torch bearers for a whole new wave of uk guitar bands. taking their inspiration as kids, when the killers, the strokes and arctic monkeys debut albums were released, much of their success is driven by their energetic live performances and uncanny ability to write adrenaline-heavy guitar anthems with songs like ‘violet’ and ‘all i want to hear you say’, and the release of their latest ep under exit lights.