Sault - Untitled (Black Is) (very limited 2LP repress) 1 per customer

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Out 29th January / 2nd February


originally released to stream on juneteenth, this absolutely incredible record from the ever-mysterious sault is a gorgeously produced love letter to black excellence.

maintaining quality over 20 songs may be a challenge for some bands, but not these folks – despite this being the 3rd of 4 albums released in 2 years, it’s a deftly composed blend of lauryn hill indebted groove, street soul and protest anthem that sounds singular in its vision and execution. if there’s a band on a hotter streak out there at the moment we’ve not heard them! “in short, this is the zeitgeist. this is the album of the year. stop the clocks.” – louder than war

jamie says "this one took a hot minute to arrive but the wait was so worth it. put 'wildfires' on. now. speak for what you believe in. let your voice be heard."

  1. out the lies 02:01
  2. stop dem 03:38
  3. hard life 04:33
  4. don't shoot guns down 01:52
  5. wildfires 03:26
  6. x 01:24
  7. sorry ain't enough 04:59
  8. black is 01:52
  9. bow feat michael kiwanuka 04:05
  10. this generation feat laurette josiah 00:46
  11. why we cry why we die 02:44
  12. black 03:53
  13. us 01:05
  14. eternal life 03:59
  15. only synth in church 00:56
  16. monsters 03:27
  17. june child 00:58
  18. miracles 04:17
  19. hold me 02:45
  20. pray up stay up 03:45