Rico - That Man Is Forward (2 Tone 40th Anniversary)

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Out 25th June

  1. easy snappin'  (2021 remaster)
  2. fiesta  (2021 remaster)
  3. chang kai shek  (2021 remaster)
  4. stay out late  (2021 remaster)
  5. red top  (2021 remaster)
  6. x  (2021 remaster)
  7. ganja  (2021 remaster)
  8. that man is forward  (2021 remaster)


rico started his career in the late 1950’s playing with the likes of prince buster, laurel aitken and max romeo as a session musician in addition to creating his own recordings.

he moved to the uk in the early 60’s and continued performing live and playing as a session musician. he signed to island records in the 70’s, releasing his first solo albums.


in 1979 rico met jerry dammers and began playing with the specials. he became an honorary member of the band and featured prominently on some of their most famous tracks, along with dick cuthell, which produced a distinctive sound.


in 1980 he released his first album for the 2 tone label, that man is forward. produced by dick cuthell and recorded in jamaica over two sessions in joe gibbs studio. the album is a celebration of jamaican musicians playing together, with the likes of jah jerry, ‘deadley’ headley bennet, robbie lyn, sly & robbie, ansel collins -the list goes on.