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LP PACKAGING: 1-LP; 180-gram vinyl; Gatefold Jacket (Rounded Corners); Printed Inner Sleeve (Rounded Corners); 16-
page booklet (8 total sheets) 12x12 booklet (rounded corners)

Side A
1. Going Places
2. A Bullet For Everyone
3. Leafy Mysteries
4. It's Written In The Stars
5. Who Brings Joy
6. Now The Night Is Here
Side B
1. Spring (At Last)
2. One X One
3. Bag Man
4. All Good Books
5. Call Me Up No. 5
6. Standing Out In The Universe
7. Illumination



Paul‰۪s sixth soloåÊstudio album, Illumination was originally released in September 2002, and is Paul‰۪s second solo number one, it includes the hit singles It‰۪s Written In The Stars (no. 7) and Leafy Mysteries (no. 23) andåÊfeatures guest performances fromåÊCarleen Anderson, Jocelyn Brown, Kelly Jones and Noel Gallagher.

Again, the vinyl was originally pressed in very small quantities and now changes hands for å£200+.åÊThe 2021 reissue features faithful original packaging replication including rounded corners & was cut at London‰۪s Metropolis Studios.

NME: ‰ÛÏPaul has clearly regained hisåÊsense of adventure‰Û_åÊa spirited, joyous album.‰۝ (4/5)

The Guardian: ‰ÛÏThe trinityåÊthat opens his sixth solo album is his best work in ages, by turns love-besotted, politically outragedåÊand burning with spite. What a surprise ‰ÛÒ just when youåÊthought Weller would never do it again, he goes and does it.‰۝ (4/5)