Paloma Faith - Infinite Things (exclusive white vinyl)

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Out 13 November

paloma wrote most of the songs for ‘infinite things’ before the covid-19 pandemic swept the world. then we went into lockdown, and she ripped them all up and started afresh. she spent her downtime creating, learning to engineer her own music and just thinking about the world. the enforced downtime was creatively fruitful and taught her that she had been on a sort of conveyor belt of music and promo. the lockdown gave her the space to take stock of her frenetic career, and decide what is meaningful to her. she is emerging from lockdown with a new sense of her priorities which has seen her reconnect with her roots steeped in creativity.

‘infinite things’ saw paloma work with a small group of long-time and new collaborators including the producers patrick wimberly and detonate, songwriters ed harcourt, starsmith, tre jean marie alongside the producer and songwriter mnek and friend josef salvat. this record is more than an album about relationships. it’s a rumination on sickness and loss. it’s about finding your way back to romance within a long term relationship. it’s her  most confident record yet from a female artist who’s been in the game for two decades. - total entertainment