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cannily blending composer david holmes' electronica jazz-funk with old-school orchestral artists like percy faith, arthur lyman, and quincy jones - not to mention a vintage vegas shot of elvis - the soundtrack to the 2001 thriller oceans eleven is like the overstuffed olive in steven soderbergh's cinematic cocktail.

for its vinyl debut on its 20th anniversary, real gone music is spinning this platter the only way it could be spun: on cornetto, red and black "roulette wheel" vinyl limited to 2500 copies. comes inside a jacket and printed inner sleeve sporting production stills. rsd shoppers, place your bets

  1. percy faith and his orchestra - theme for young lovers
  2. david holmes - boobytrapping
  3. handsome boy modeling school featuring trugoy (de la soul) and del (del tha funkee homosapien) - the projects (p jays)
  4. david holmes - the plans
  5. perry como - papa loves mambo
  6. david holmes - ruben’s in
  7. david holmes - lyman zerga
  8. arthur lyman - caravan
  9. david holmes - gritty shaker
  10. david holmes - planting the seed
  11. david holmes - pickpockets
  12. elvis presley - a little less conversation
  13. percy faith and his orchestra - dream dream dream
  14. david holmes - stealing the pinch
  15. quincy jones - blues in the night
  16. david holmes - tess
  17. david holmes - hookers
  18. david holmes - $160 million chinese man
  19. david holmes - 69 police
  20. the philadelphia orchestra - clair de lune (from “suite bergamasque”)
  21. percy faith and his orchestra - theme for young lovers