Nothing But Thieves - Dead Club City (blue marble 2LP with bonus tracks)

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Out 15th March

  1. welcome to the dcc
  2. overcome
  3. tomorrow is closed
  4. keeping you around
  5. city haunts
  6. do you love me yet?
  7. members only
  8. green eyes :: siena
  9. foreign language
  10. talking to myself
  11. pop the balloon
  12. oh no :: he said what?
  13. time :: fate :: karma :: god
  14. pure you
  15. overcome (stripped)
  16. tomorrow is closed (stripped)

despite the title, nothing but thieves inject this record with a funky vitality that boosts their evisceration of our modern world’s two-tier, members-only approach, into stratospheric electronic heights.

with socially insightful lyrics and an adept ability to progress their sound and experiment between the diverse genres that shape them as a band, nothing but thieves have made a statement with their innovative, fourth record. through their forthcoming 11-track album, the band showcase their city-sized members only club ‘dead club city’. the album's tracklist is formed by different characters and story arcs from in and around the city. is it a shared consciousness? another planet? the next corporate wasteland? heaven? or somewhere else? using the club as a focal point, it is easy to imagine the real-world meaning behind dead club city. themes such as advertisement, unity, internet culture, the music industry, ageing and politics, as well as escapism and change are highlighted by the alienation or privilege of a members only club