Mazzy Star - Ghost Highway (limited purple 2LP)

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Out 20th November

the winter of ’94 and a year after the release of the sublime “so tonight that i might see”, mazzy star find themselves still touring and promoting the album, some of the songs featured here are from that album such as into dust, bells ring the title track and the hit single fade into you.

whilst songs like flowers in december would turn up on the next album released a whole two years later. four of the selections are from the critically acclaimed first album she hangs brightly issued in 1990, including the sylvia gomez penned “give you my lovin’ “and the obscure german band slapp happy cover of blue flower. 

flowers in december
ride it on
into dust
give you my lovin’ (sylvia gomez)|
fade into you
ghost highway (david roback)
blue flower (peter blegvad/ anthony moore)
mary of silence
flowers in december
bells ring
blue flower (peter blegvad/ anthony moore)
so tonight, that i might see