Joe Strummer (The Clash) - Assembly (2LP Gatefold Red Vinyl)

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Out 26th March


  1. Coma Girl
  2. Johnny Appleseed
  3. I Fought The Law (Live)
  4. Tony Adams
  5. Sleepwalk
  6. Love Kills
  7. Get Down Moses
  8. X-Ray Style
  9. Mondo Bongo
  10. Rudie Can't Fail (Live)
  11. At The Border, Guy
  12. The Long Shadow
  13. Forbidden City
  14. Yalla, Yalla
  15. Redemption Song
  16. Junco Partner (Acoustic)

Assembly’ is the first new Joe Strummer title to be released on Dark Horse Records.

Designed as a new starting point to the Joe Strummer’s catalog it includes 13 tracks from Strummer’s solo career, along with two live versions of the classic Clash songs Rudie Can’t Fail & I Fought The Law and a previously unreleased acoustic version of Junco Partner – making a total of 16 tracks. Other tracks come from Strummer’s extensive solo catalog including his three albums with ‘The Mescaleros’.

Founded in 1974 by George Harrison Dark Horse Records has long been a home for Freedom Fighters, Storytellers and Troubadour’s, words that can be used to describe Joe Strummer, making Dark Horse Records to perfect home to appreciate and expand Strummer’s incredible legacy across, music, politics, and culture.

Assembly includes:

  • Gatefold 2LP 
  • Includes previously unreleased acoustic version of ‘Junco Partner’
  • Exclusive live versions of the classics, I Fought The Law and Rudie Can’t Fail recorded Live at Brixton Academy in 2001.
  • Also Includes the singles, Coma Girl, Johnny Appleseed, Mondo Bongo & Redemption Song
  • Package includes new written forward by Jacob Dylan