Groove Armada - Edge Of The Horizon (2LP)

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Out 2nd October

as always with ga it’s a melting pot of styles, but in contrast to the guitar laden sound of their last album, the grammy nominated “black light”, the uniting stylistic thread here lies somewhere between hall & oates , prince and roxy music.

‘edge of the horizon’ features a whole range of vocal talent, from friends and neighbours to the godfather of uk garage todd edwards who appears on ‘lover 4 now’, out today. a summer anthem of positivity, love and togetherness, todd’s signature vocals shimmer above a straight-ahead italo-disco groove.  it was made with a moment in mind. “ibiza. poolside at pikes, that time of the evening when day becomes night, and anything seems possible”.  groove armada’s flair for blending electro elements with the energy of a live band remains at the heart of the record. in fact, the foundations of this album are the memories of the 15 years they spent on the road playing dance music live. the legendary ga tour bus parties had a strong dose of yacht rock on the playlist. ‘holding strong’ is an unashamed salute to the best of those searing emotional highs of the 80s. nycs she keeps bees heads up the title track, born out of a groove left on the cutting room floor during the chaotic black light sessions.  chicago house music icon paris brightledge deploys his iconic tones on two tracks, and empire of the sun and pnau’s nick littlemore features on the lockdown anthem, ‘get out on the dancefloor’.   with three uk top 10 hits, three grammy nominations and a succession of seminal classics under their belt, groove armada are one of the most influential forces in dance music. the next chapter in groove armada history begins with the october release of ‘edge of the horizon’ and continues when these tunes are transformed into live dance music in that way that only ga can. 

  1. get out on the dancefloor (feat. nick littlemore)
  2. let it go
  3. tripwire (feat. nick littlemore)
  4. don’t give up
  5. we’re free
  6. edge of the horizon
  7. lover 4 now (feat. todd edwards)
  8. i can only miss you
  9. what cha gonna do with your love
  10. talk talk
  11. dance our hurt away