Genesis - The Last Domino: The Hits (4LP in hardback gatefold)

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Out 17th September

what an array of le-gen-dary hits.

the track list is made up of the songs the band have been performing in rehearsals and will make up the majority of the setlist during the gigs. 4lp set is to be housed in a hardback gatefold book-style package, this will include classic images of the band, rare and unseen images from their archive & images of the rehearsal and the stage used for the gigs.

  1. dukes end
  2. turn it on again
  3. mama
  4. land of confusion
  5. home by the sea
  6. second home by the sea
  7. fading lights
  8. the cinema show
  9. afterglow
  10. hold on my heart
  11. jesus he knows me
  12. that's all
  13. the lamb lies down on broadway
  14. in too deep
  15. follow you follow me
  16. duchess
  17. no son of mine
  18. firth of fifth
  19. i know what i like
  20. domino medley
  21. throwing it all away
  22. tonight, tonight, tonight
  23. invisible touch
  24. i cant dance
  25. dancing with the moonlight knight
  26. carpet crawlers
  27. abacab