Gary Numan - Live at Hammersmith Apollo 1989 (red vinyl)

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gary numan is one of the founding fathers of synth-pop, his seminal track ‘cars’ was a hit on both sides of the atlantic and helped usher in the synth pop era on in the us and uk.

the peak of his mainstream popularity was in the late 70s and early 80s, but still has his cult following and tours to this day. numan is known for his distinctive voice and androgynous persona. on the 26th of october 1989, gary numan performed the london show from his ‘the skin mechanic tour 89’ at the hammersmith odeon.

  1. america
  2. me i disconnect from you
  3. creatures
  4. cars
  5. down in the park
  6. devious
  7. i can’t stop
  8. are friends electric?
  9. call out the dogs
  10. we are glass