Gary Numan - Intruder (limited indies only red 2LP)

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Out 21st May

intruder is the first new music from the iconic and influential gary numan since 2017’s album savage: songs from a broken world, which charted at #2 in the uk.

the forthcoming album, also titled intruder, will be released in may 2021 - his 21st solo album. intruder sees gary reunite with producer ade fenton, who previously produced four critically acclaimed albums for numan: jagged, dead son rising, splinter and savage. with a career that has spanned nearly four decades, his approach to electronic music remains an inspiration to artists across genres and eras, from stadium goliaths such as depeche mode, prince and nine inch nails to alternative heroes such as beck, damon albarn and marilyn manson. even kanye west owes him a debt, and david bowie once credited him with “writing two of the finest songs” in british music. gary has had 23 top 40 singles and 15 top 40 albums in the uk. the british electro pioneer was also awarded the inspiration award for songwriting and composition at the ivor novellos in 2017. 2020 saw gary release his critically acclaimed rollercoaster of an autobiography, (r)evolution

  1. betrayed
  2. the gift
  3. i am screaming
  4. intruder
  5. is this world not enough
  6. a black sun
  7. the chosen
  8. and it breaks me again
  9. saints and liars
  10. now and forever
  11. the end of dragons
  12. includes bonus track when you fall (dlx cd / vinyl versions only)
  13. the end of dragons (alt) (vinyl versions only)