Fun Lovin' Criminals - Come Find Yourself (25th Anniversary 2LP colour vinyl)

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Out 1st October

originally released in 1996, come find yourself is the debut album by new york’s finest, fun lovin’ criminals.

spending nearly 4 years in the uk album chart, it’s packed with instant classics such as “the fun lovin’ criminal”, “king of new york”, an inspired cover of the hal david/ john barry bond movie theme “we have all the time in the world”, not forgetting the tarantino infused smash “scooby snacks”. this 25th anniversary edition is presented as heavyweight coloured double vinyl for the first time and features 4 bonus tracks.

  1. the fun lovin' criminal
  2. passive/aggressive
  3. the grave and the constant
  4. scooby snacks
  5. i can't get with that
  6. bombin' the l
  7. smoke 'em
  8. king of new york
  9. we have all the time in the world
  10. bear hug
  11. come find yourself
  12. crime and punishment
  13. methadonia
  14. i can't get with that (schmoove version)
  15. coney island girl
  16. blues for suckers
  17. the fun lovin' criminal (hee haw version)