Fontaines D.C. - Romance ( indies pink vinyl) PRE-ORDER 23rd August

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opening with one of the most ominous, industrial, exhilarating noises the band have made to date, it’s clear from the kick-off that we are opening our hearts to another musical transformation with the 4th album from our cherished irishmen.


each record has travelled a new road, taking us on diverse, winding journeys but with their change of label (now on xl recordings), ‘romance’ represents their most assured, inventive and sonically adventurous release yet.

the sonic evolution of the band, who bared their teeth in early records with antagonistic punk sensibilities, is an ascent into grungier breaks, dystopian electronica, hip-hop percussion and dreamy slowdive-esque textures that may surprise fans. the shoegaze touchpoints first pressed on 'skinty fia' unfold on 'romance' like a purpling bruise. but any “retro aesthetic”, as chatten describes it, is left behind. reflecting on the impending release, chatten says, “we say things on this record we’ve wanted to say for a long time. i never feel like it's over, but it’s nice to feel lighter.” the fantasy is felt for better or worse and fontaines d.c. welcome either end of oblivion.

  1. romance
  2. starburster
  3. here's the thing
  4. desire
  5. in the modern world
  6. bug
  7. motorcycle boy
  8. sundowner
  9. horseness is the whatness
  10. death kink
  11. favourite