Fleetwood Mac - Before the Beginning Demo Sessions 1970 Volume 2 (3LP) WAS £45

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3LP out 7th August. 

Left untouched for 40 years, two live recordings of peter green’s fleetwood mac from 1968 & 1970 have been discovered & are available to hear now for the first time.

volume two vinyl tracklisting
vinyl 1 side a
before the beginning (live)  (remastered)
only you (live)  (remastered)
madison blues (version 2) (live)  (remastered)
can’t stop lovin’ (live)  (remastered)
the green manalishi (with the two prong crown) (live)  (remastered)
vinyl 1 side b
albatross (live)  (remastered)
world in harmony (version 1) (live)  (remastered)
sandy mary (live)  (remastered)
only you (live)  (remastered)
world in harmony (version 2) (live)  (remastered)
vinyl 2 side a
i can't hold out (live)  (remastered)
oh well (part 1) (live)  (remastered)
rattlesnake shake (live)  (remastered)
vinyl 2 side b
underway (live)  (remastered)
coming your way (live)  (remastered)
vinyl 3 side a
homework  (live)  (remastered)
my baby’s sweet (live)  (remastered)
my baby’s gone (live)  (remastered)
you need love (demo) (remastered)
vinyl 3 side b
talk with you (demo) (remastered)
if it ain’t me (gk edit) (demo) (remastered)
mean old world (demo) (remastered)