Echobelly - Black Heart Lullabies (limited 2LP white vinyl)

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Out 27th November

  1. dark therapy
  2. dying
  3. heroes in june
  4. sober
  5. bleed
  6. silence on the radio
  7. i don’t belong here
  8. i am awake
  9. to the end
  10. strangely drawn
  11. from the deep
  12. still running
  13. ondine
  14. falling flame
  15. all tomorrow brings
  16. god’s guest list
  17. when i see red
  18. something that remains
  19. atom
  20. parks

The first of 4 albums being reissued on cd and vinyl by echobelly/high head recordings.

black heart lullabies is being made available to retail for the first ti me. the album is a collection of of rarities, b-sides and bonus material from echobelly. featuring tracks such as to the end, s ll running, something that remains and sparks which are all previously unreleased and heroes in june which was only ever available in the us and france.