David Bowie - Station To Station ( 45th Anniversary randomly allocated red or white vinyl)

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Out 22nd January

Randomly allocated red or white vinyl. Message us to confirm price and order. These are the rules set by the David Bowie estate for this release!

  1. station to station
  2. golden years
  3. word on a wing
  4. tvc 15
  5. stay
  6. wild is the wind

originally released 23rd january 1976, station to station was david bowie’s tenth studio album. to celebrate its 45th anniversary parlophone is proud to announce a special limited edition ‘bricks & mortar’ only red & white vinyl pressing of the album. 45 years on from its release 'station to station' is now seen as a musical bridge between the 'plastic soul’ of 1975’s 'young americans' and the experimental beginning of bowie’s berlin era that was 1977’s ‘low'. the album’s first single 'golden years’ was a hit on both sides of the atlantic and one of five singles released from the six-song album (though the title track was only released on 45 in france and ’stay’ was a single exclusively in the usa).