Dave Gahan & The Soulsavers - Imposter (very limited LP)

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Out 12th November

imposter is a collection of songs from dave gahan & soulsavers.

dave and soulsavers didn’t write these songs, but listened to them, studied them, and gave them new life. recorded at the legendary shangri-la studios in malibu, these versions of songs you know and some you might not range from sparse to lush, somber to joyful. the choices and sequencing were deliberate and meaningful. it shines a light on the enduring strength of poignant lyrics and well-executed melodies. imposter is a reflection of dave's life, a story told by others, but in his own distinct voice

  1. the dark end of the street - written by chips
  2. strange religion - written by mark lanegan
  3. lilac wine - written by james shelton
  4. i held my baby last night - written by jules bihari and elmore james
  5. a man needs a maid - written by neil young
  6. metal heart - written by cat power
  7. shut me down - written by rowland s. howard
  8. where my love lies asleep - written by gene clark
  9. smile - music by charles chaplin / words by john turner and geoffrey parsons
  10. the desperate kingdom of love - written by pj
  11. not dark yet - written by bob dylan
  12. always on my mind - written by john lee christopher jr., mark james & wayne thompson