Buzzcocks - Singles, Going Steady 40th Anniversary Purple Vinyl

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  1. orgasm addict
  2. what do i get?
  3. i don't mind
  4. love you more
  5. ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've?)
  6. promises
  7. everybody's happy nowadays
  8. harmony in my head
  9. whatever happened to?
  10. oh shit!
  11. autonomy
  12. noise annoys
  13. just lust
  14. lipstick
  15. why can't i touch it?
  16. something's gone wrong again

Purple vinyl

This essential compilation album of some of the band’s finest works gets a 40th anniversary remaster fit for a king, along with lots of interesting literature around the subject.

re-mastered from the original tapes and with the artwork restored under the supervision of malcolm garrett (designer of the original sleeves) along with the addition of essays penned by jon savage and clinton heylin, the packaging is a wonder to behold.