Buzzcocks - A Different Compilation (pink 2Lp in gatefold sleeve) BUY 12/6

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intended to capture their explosive and hugely popular live set in the studio, “a different compilation” sees buzzcocks, led as ever by pete shelley and steve diggle, re-visit 24 of their best loved songs, bringing a new energy to those familiar tunes.

performed with all of the energy and pace of a live show, and captured in a raw and uncompromising state, ‘a different compilation’ sits as a perfect companion to the original recordings, and was a huge hit among fans on its original release. now available on vinyl for the first time, and spread across two glorious pink lps, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit some old friends and see how well they’ve grown!

  1. boredom
  2. fast cars
  3. i don't mind
  4. autonomy
  5. get on our own
  6. what ever happened to?
  7. when love turns around you
  8. why she's a girl from the chainstore
  9. why can't i touch it?
  10. alive tonight
  11. i don't know what to do with my life
  12. you say you don't love me
  13. turn of the screw
  14. noise annoys
  15. breakdown
  16. promises
  17. love you more
  18. what do i get
  19. harmony in my head
  20. oh shit!
  21. ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've)?
  22. orgasm addict
  23. i believe
  24. love is lies