Bull - Discover Effortless Living (LP plus folded A2 poster, plus flexi disc, plus FREE Bull Album T Shirt (Large)! )

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Out 26th March

  1. bedroom floor
  2. love goo
  3. green
  4. shiny bowl
  5. eugene
  6. eddie’s cap
  7. serious baby
  8. perfect teeth
  9. find myself a job
  10. bonzo please
  11. in a jar
  12. smoke
  13. disco living

since signing to emi records in conjunction with, york based label, young thugs the band have been growing apace.

at radio the band are already being championed by the likes of chris hawkins and steve lamacq at 6music, huw stephens at bbc introducing clara amfo, as well as being acclaimed by fellow musicians like elton john on his beats 1 show and declan mckenna during his recent appearance on the radio 1 future artists mix tape. formed in 2011 by vocalist and songwriter tom beer and guitarist dan lucas, bull’s mission is simply to make the music they wanted to listen to, inspired by their 90’s heroes such pavement, yo la tengo and the pixies. the rest of the band came together through a mix of friendships and happenstance. drummer tom gabbatiss joined after he and tom jammed together in bars while they were back-packing round thailand, and kai west had previously used to jump up on stage with the band and “bez” (verb meaning to dance badly while intoxicated) before they eventually let him play bass. a unique group within the city’s already eclectic scene, the band’s sound mixes together their alt-rock influences along with tom’s down-to-earth song writing and a particularly wry sense of humour that comes naturally to the four yorkshiremen.

“’Eugene’, a mini-symphony of self-flagellation which trips through the various stages of feeling down on yourself (lethargy, frustration, anger etc) using tempo changes to paint an audio picture. It manages to be both melancholy and spritely at the same time, another example of the band’s idiosyncratic song writing.  

“I wrote the song Eugene when I was feeling dissatisfied with what I was doing” Tom (guitar/vocals) explains. “It's kind of a self-hate song, you know when people talk about self-love? It's not that. I'm slating myself; it moves through the key changes and different moods, and ends in a way that mocks the sadness, another form of self-deprecation!"

The video for the track is again a collaboration with artist friends of the band that reflects the different moods of the song. Dan and Kai from the band kick things off with some DIY Claymation before handing over to artists Jack Iredale, Rory Welbrock, Roxy Linklater and Holly Beer who each tackled a different animation style.”