Bluebells - Sisters (Greatest) Limited blue vinyl

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Out 27th November

what can you say about sisters that hasn't been said already? well what about "now featuring 2 bonus songs produced by elvis costello"? that's not been said before for sure.

the band were never perfectly happy with the version of "everybody's somebodys fool" which opens the album and have thus chosen to replace this with a different (more bluebells) version and we will be including - for the first time - the elvis costello produced "aim in life" and "some sweet day" the album will feature new liner notes and some updated art - whilst remaining your favourite sister of all.

  1. everybody's somebody's fool
  2. young at heart
  3. i'm falling
  4. will she always be waiting
  5. some sweet day
  6. cath
  7. red guitars
  8. syracuse university
  9. aim in life
  10. learn to love
  11. south atlantic way
  12. the patriot's game