Black Stone Cherry - The Human Condition (Limited indies red LP)

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  1. ringin' in my head
  2. again
  3. push down & turn
  4. when angels learn to fly
  5. live this way
  6. in love with the pain
  7. the chain
  8. ride
  9. if my heart had wings
  10. don't bring me down
  11. some stories
  12. the devil in your eyes
  13. keep on keepin' on

out 30th october

as the world plummeted into the covid-19 pandemic, the four members of black stone cherry were nestled deep in the woods of kentucky, scrambling to complete their 7th album.

there, they could feel the disease closing in as they watched the news daily, and it became apparent the album they were finishing featured lyrics that were eerily prescient. the resulting 13-track record is broadly emotive, and anthemic. it was finished just before the global lockdown was imposed, and it’s aptly titled, the human condition. in the past two decades, black stone cherry has set a new standard for southern rock, revitalizing the tradition with burly riffs and stirring rock hooks. the four-piece band have blazed their own way in establishing a legacy. the human condition was self-produced and tracked in bassist jon lawhon's recording facility, monocle studios, in march 2020. the guys went in with 4 songs, wrote new songs, and recorded some beloved unreleased favorites. for the first time, the band opted to not record basics live and instead meticulously multitracked. each member endured grueling sessions to ensure the collective studio mindset of achieving "epic performances." the results are stunning—the grooves feel organic, the riffs are mountainous, the performances are urgent, and the hooks shine through gloriously.