Billy Bragg - The Million Things That Never Happened (very limited transparent blue lp - 1 per customer) PRE-ORDER

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  1. should have seen it coming
  2. mid-century modern
  3. lonesome ocean
  4. good days and bad days
  5. freedom doesn’t come for free
  6. reflections on the mirth of creativity
  7. the million things that never happened
  8. the buck doesn’t stop here no more
  9. i believe in you
  10. pass it on
  11. i will be your shield
  12. ten mysterious photos that can’t be explained

billy bragg has been a fearless recording artist, tireless live performer and peerless political campaigner for over 30 years.

among the former saturday boy’s albums are his punkcharged debut life’s a riot with spy vs spy, the more love-infused workers playtime, pop classic don’t try this at home, the queen’s golden jubilee-timed treatise on national identity england, half-english, and his stripped-down tenth, tooth & nail, his most successful since the early 90s. the intervening three decades have been marked by a number one hit single, having a street named after him, being the subject of a south bank show, appearing onstage at wembley stadium, curating left field at glastonbury, sharing spotted dick with a cabinet minister in the house of commons cafeteria, being mentioned in bob dylan’s memoir and meeting the queen. at their best, billy’s songs present ‘the perfect venn diagram between the political and the personal’ (the guardian).