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Out 8th March

'billion dollar babies' is the sixth studio album from alice cooper, originally released on february 23, 1973, and is the album that alice refers to as his favorite.

this deluxe edition includes an oral history of the making of the album, as told to jaan uhelszki by each of the band members who played on the album. this is the record that features hit no more mr nice guy and also sees the band including their “mini-movie” songs like raped and freezin’, elected, billion dollar babies and i love the dead.

  1. hello hooray
  2. raped and freezin’
  3. elected
  4. billion dollar babies
  5. unfinished sweet
  6. no more mr nice guy
  7. generation landslide
  8. sick things
  9. mary ann
  10. i love the dead
  11. hello hooray (live, 1973)
  12. billion dollar babies (live, 1973)
  13. elected (live, 1973)
  14. i’m eighteen (live, 1973)
  15. raped and freezin’ (live, 1973)
  16. no more mr nice guy (live, 1973)
  17. my stars (live, 1973)
  18. unfinished sweet (live, 1973)
  19. sick things (live, 1973)
  20. dead babies (live, 1973)
  21. i love the dead (live, 1973)
  22. school’s out (live, 1973)
  23. under my wheels (live, 1973)
  24. coal black model t (outtake)
  25. son of billion dollar babies (generation landslide) (outtake)
  26. hello hooray (single version)
  27. billion dollar babies (single version)
  28. elected (single version)
  29. mary ann (single version)
  30. slick black limousine