Alarm - History Repeating (2LP)

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Out 15th October

The alarm 40th anniversary release history repeating is new double cd and lp collection.

the cd features 44 of the alarm’s biggest singles and greatest songs and the double lp features 27. spanning all eras of the alarm timeline, history repeating brings together all of the band’s ‘crown jewels’, including a brand new and previously unreleased recording of the title track. history repeating features all of the keynote tracks that have helped create the alarm’s phenomenal and loyally dedicated following. the double cd comes in a replica lp gatefold sleeve configuration and is the most comprehensive ‘best of’ ever released by the group since 1998’s best of the alarm and mike peters. the double lp comes in a gatefold configuration and is the first ‘best of’ compilation to appear on vinyl since 1990’s standards. this is the record every single alarm fan will want to own with its distinctive red poppy cover and beautiful depiction of the alarm family across the inner gatefold. upon release, lead singer mike peters will be hosting a series of completely sold out alarm rock and roll staycations in the band’s hometown while telling the story of the alarm through’s internet broadcast platform the big night in, that will feature weekly shows dedicated to every single year of the band’s history. in 2022, a major touring itinerary begins with the already sold out official 40th anniversary concert in st. david’s hall, cardiff wales on january 21st 2022 followed by an international 40th anniversary concert schedule all the way through to 2023.