Donna Summer - I'm A Rainbow (limited 180g transparent blue lp)

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Out 15th October

fast-forward 40 years and ‘i’m a rainbow’ receives a fresh coat of paint, giving credence to the songs’ great lyrics and compositions that they richly deserved at the time.

‘i’m a rainbow – recovered & recoloured’ has been slimmed-down to a compact 10-track album and completely re-imagined by a host of international producers, from north and south america, europe and scandinavia. junior vasquez, le flex, figo sound, jean tonique, ladies on mars and oliver nelson - who has recently signed to atlantic records - have all added their touch. the album now has a thread running through it, with a sequence that sees the album open with the beautiful title track and builds throughout the album through soul and dance, ending with the high-octane ‘girl power’ statement track, ‘leave me alone [ladies on mars ‘independence’ remix]’.

  1. i'm a rainbow [junior’s shiny rainbow edit]
  2. i believe (in you) (duet with joe “bean” esposito) [figo sound version]
  3. back where you belong [jean tonique remix]
  4. you to me [oliver nelson remix]
  5. don't cry for me argentina [ladies on mars ‘buenos aires’ remix]
  6. sweet emotion [le flex remix]
  7. brooklyn [ladies on mars ‘child of rhythm’ remix]
  8. romeo [ladies on mars ‘luv-nrg’ remix]
  9. highway runner [ladies on mars ‘street race’ remix]
  10. leave me alone [ladies on mars ‘independence’ remix]